Servicing Most Vintage Domestic Machines

We treat your machine as if it were our own, with superior attention to detail.
Pickup and delivery available.

Because we care about the health of your vintage sewing machine.

We don’t just “blow out the lint and hit it with some oil”, rather, we painstakingly go in and clean, polish, adjust, and lubricate every subsystem. The thread path is painstakingly cleaned, the feed system is precisely adjusted, the needle bar height and hook timing are adjusted to perfection. Zig zag mechanisms are carefully adjusted and timed. Cam stacks are cleaned and lubricated. No stone is left unturned.

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We’re located in
Middletown, New Jersey
Hours by appointment only
(732) 539-9611

Our Services

“Get Stitching”

No time for a complete service, but your machine isn’t working right? No problem, we’re willing to “just get her stitching again”.

Clean, Lube, Adjust

We tear down, clean, polish, adjust, and lubricate your machine to make her not only stitch like new, her internals will also look like new.


Some machines have been stored improperly and are downright ugly. We offer refinishing services, including repaint, at competitive prices. We also offer limited refinishing for cabinets too. Ask us for details.