My Recommended Tools, Materials, and Suppliers

I’m going to maintain this page as a resource for the vintage sewing machine community. I get a lot of questions from owners who are working on their machines asking what products I use to get my results. The documents below will be updated as required.

Connector List

This is the list of connectors used in the “Goodbye Chicago”, “Singer BU7e Motor Rewire and More!”, “Let’s Finish the Wiring”, and “Finally, the Connectors” videos of April 2024.

Tool List: – Updated 5 March 2022

This is a breakdown of what I have on my bench, in the tool cabinet, and in my travel kit. Not all items are needed for every machine, and some may be considered somewhat esoteric, but this is most of what I own and use.

Consumables List – Updated 28 February 2022
I keep a lot of consumables in my shop and in my truck for house calls.

Vendors and Suppliers: – Updated 5 March 2022

My list, not in any particular order, of my favorite vendors. I did NOT list my favorite eBay sellers as I wish to contact them to get their permission prior to publishing them. I also did not list my local stores as I am not sure that they do online sales. If they do, they will be added to the list.


Is there something you think I missed? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “My Recommended Tools, Materials, and Suppliers

  1. Michelle P

    This is great; thanks so much for sharing all of this info. I was encouraged to see the Sew Retro grease listed. It’s what I’ve been using for several years now in my 201-2.

  2. Tom Vaughan

    Thank You Bob : )
    Now I recommend you take a vacation, get physically away, and think about hiring a person to manage you. I did that and it saved my business. I was spending more time waiting on customers and than I was working. It was very frustrating repeating myself day after day knowing all full and well I had more and more work pilling up. Get away, make a list of your needs that have to be satisfied, like waiting on customers, reading and responding emails, ordering supplies, receiving and shipping merchandise, so you can proceed with the thing you love doing: aka, work.
    p.s. the hardest part was finding someone that only wanted to work in the office and not in the shop.

  3. Peggy Younts

    Bob thanks so much for all the effort you put into making the videos. I’m pretty much a newbie but am eager to learn. I am unable to find the link you mentioned on the last video for the books that are available from your friend. If you could please send me the link I would be very appreciative..
    Peggy Younts

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