I’ll be posting files here that I reference in my YouTube repair videos for your convenience.

Singer 237 Operator Manual

Singer 237 Service Manual

Singer 237 Exploded View w/Parts List – Tabloid Size Poster

Singer 347 348 Service Manual

Singer 348K Parts List

TOWA Digital Bobbin Case Tension Gauge Manual

Singer 221K Featherweight manual remastered
Compliments of viewer Alisa!

Singer 221-1 Adjusters Manual edited

Compliments of viewer Alisa!

Singer 221 Exploded View

Singer 301 manual remastered
Compliments of viewer Alisa!

Singer B.A.K. Electric Motors Manual (remastered)

Compliments of viewer Alisa!

Singer B.R.K. Electric Motors Manual (remastered)

Once again, compliments of viewer Alisa!

Eldredge Model R-40 Operator Manual

Manual is complete to page 38, missing are the exploded diagrams and parts lists.

Singer 15-91 List of Parts

Provided by viewer Alisa! Thank you for your contributions to the library!

Singer 15-88 15-89 15-90 List of Parts

Provided by viewer Alisa! Thank you for your contributions to the library!

Singer 15-80, 15-82 List of Parts remastered
Another PDF provided by Alisa!

Singer 127-1 List of Parts

Another PDF provided by viewer Alisa! Thank you for your contribution to the library!

Singer 66-4 66-6 Sewing Machine Manual 1929

Once again. Alisa sends in another great manual!

Singer 66-4 66-5 List of parts edited

Alisa also provided us the matching list of parts…

Singer 66-16 Manual edited

Another manual from Alisa!

Singer 66-16 Shorted list of parts edited

An edited parts list (simplified)

Singer 31-15 User Manual

Cleaned up and resized for printing on letter size paper.

Singer 101 Adjusters Manual

Cleaned up, resized for printing on letter size paper.

Singer 127/128 Service Manual
I have cleaned up this version to make it print nicely on letter sized paper. I went through and cleaned up the poor quality scanning of the original.

Singer 15-1 User Manual

This is a cleaned up user manual for the long beak shuttle 15-1.

Singer 1200 User Manual

The Singer 1200 was a modified Singer 201-2 that incorporated a knee lift and was mounted in an industrial style table. It had no bed decals and was intended as an “artisan” machine for dressmakers and tailors.

Singer 201k late manual remastered

Compliments, once again, of Alisa!

Singer 201 manual 1957 remastered
Thanks Alisa!

Singer 201 Adjuster’s Manual

A big thank you to Andy Isaacs for cleaning up and providing this manual for the library! This covers all models of the cast iron 201’s, including the 1200-1. Great job!

Singer 15-91 Service Manual

This manual includes the stitch making parts of the 15-88, -89, and -90.

Singer 81 Class Manual

Alisa sends in another great manual!

Singer 95-40 95-60 Manual

Another from Alisa!

Singer 192 Spartan Manual Remastered

Thanks to Alisa!

Singer 192K3 Spartan List of Parts remastered

Thanks Alisa!

Singer 285K manual remastered

Thanks again Alisa!

Kenmore Model 46 User Manual

This is a cleaned up scan of the user manual for a Kenmore model 158.462, aka the Model 46.

Kenmore Model 90 User Manual

This is a clean scan of the user manual for a Kenmore 158.90x series from the early 1960’s. As a side note, my Mom had one of these when I was a kid!

Singer 306 – 319 – 401 Adjusters Manual

By request! Ask, and if I have it, I’ll post it…

Kenmore Model 90 Service Manual (158.90)

Not from the 1970, this is an early 1960’s model…

Hey Bob, I’m looking for…

Let me know what you need, and if I can find it, I’ll clean it up and post it here.

25 thoughts on “Manuals I Mention in YouTube Videos

  1. Craig

    Can’t seem to find a workshop or adjustors manual for the 148 or 158 series Kenmores from the 70’s era….
    Not sure if there ever was one.
    Also an adjusters manual for the Singer 319 would be interesting.

  2. Ann

    Hi Bob,
    I am new to vintage SM restoration. Recently I tried to take out a stuck screw from the needle bar. I finished up breaking the link immediately above the needle bar screw. I wondered if the link could be welded or repaired somehow?

  3. Robin R

    Hey Bob, your videos have spared me a few headaches. Thanks. Do you have service manuals for 15-30 and 115? Yes, I found a rotary hook 115! It even had a bobbin and case! These two machines are VERY similar, but you can’t fault me for asking for both service/adjuster’s manuals. Thanks!

  4. Michael Thompson

    Hi Bob I really need a service manual for an industrial consew 227 can’t find it just the operation and parts manual. I need one for the consew 206rb also. Thanks so much.

  5. Pablo Sors

    Hello Bob, I´m Pablo from Argentina ! I do have trouble with my new-to-me 127, it doesn´t make the lock of the stitch. I will try your tips but I have to ask: does this machine use the same regular needles the actual machines uses? Thank you in advance

  6. Elaine Mooty

    Bob, I have been chastised and embarrassed in a FB group, vintage sewing machine resource group, for describing my 201-3 manufactured in Kilbowie issued in 1953 as “201K-3”. Mike Williams says that’s wrong. Please help me understand the correct way to print the model I have. Does 201-3 say it’s made in Kilbowie because all 3’s were made in Kilbowie??? My machine says Made in Great Britain on the tower holding the hand wheel. It has a belted motor and its light is mounted on the back. Its serial number is EJ 125515.

    1. Bob Post author

      Hi Elaine – If your 210-3 says “Made in Great Britain”, it was indeed made in Kilbowie and is a 201K3. Technically, the Kilbowie made machines didn’t use a dash in the model number. Whether the dash included or not really doesn’t matter to those who understand the various flavors of 201s; the -1 is a treadle, the -2 a potted motor, the -3 a belted motor, and the -4 a hand crank. If the inclusion or exclusion of a dash gives someone a heart attack, consider it their problem and don’t worry about what they say.

  7. Louise

    Hi Bob,
    I really need your help. I have a singer 285 j. I do not have a manual. I would like to know how to oil or Grease the motor. I don’t see any holes. Also I do not know how to get out the bobbin case. I really like this little green mean sewing machine. Also what size belt does it need?

  8. Sandra Campbell

    I am gifting a Singer Creative Touch 1030 to my mom for Christmas. This was her favorite machine. I found one at goodwill, but it has a lot of old grease in various places. Looking for a service manual to get her smooth again.

  9. Ana

    Thank you for all these manuals. I only needed a couple, but it is so nice to go to one place to get them without the BS of so many site of download this or that in order to get a manual.
    First the videos giving out knowledge. And now, once again you give asking nothing in return. You’re a rare one Bob.

  10. Singer132k6

    Hi Bob,just stumbled across your YouTube channel,great videos,clear concise and very helpful.
    Would you happen to have an adjusters manual for a Singer132k6 or information relating to feed dog adjustment that may be relevant to another Singer machine that shares the same mechanisims?
    My stitches were grouping together and looking very mediocre,I spun the stitch adjuster via the handwheel and stitch length pawl and now My presser foot and feed dog timing is all out of synch with each other and against the hook and needle timing which is still ok.

    I’m baffled, I’ve been adjusting the shaft linkage arm on the feed shaft that is fed via the 2 long crank arms,this has got me no closer.

    I’m reluctant to start adjusting the shaft coupling and dig my hole deeper,
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m in Australia,so a time difference of 11 hours or so between us.

    Happy to make a donation for your help.
    All the best- Andy.

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