We Love Vintage Machines

When someone says “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, it’s especially true with sewing machines, and for very good reason – they can’t afford to make them to that level of quality and durability anymore. There is something inherently beautiful about the mechanisms of our old gals, many well over 100 years old, still producing perfect stitches. That is the essence of our mission; to keep ’em stitching, for generations to come.

Quality Results

We want Grandma’s old Singer to perform as it did when it was brand new from the factory. That’s why we take particular care in cleaning and polishing internal parts, carefully checking adjustments, and doing everything possible to make sure it can be handed down to your kids and your grandkids. We treat your machine as if it were our own.

This is the business end of a Singer 15-91 from 1947 showing progress during our Clean, Lube, Adjust service.

We also place quality machines in the hands of others. Through the Non-Profit organization Friends of Fauna, we were able to donate a wonderful Singer 15-30 (circa 1928), configured as a hand crank, to rural Lemek, in the Rift Valley, Kenya along with manuals, supplies, and sewing accoutrements. Lemek has no reliable source of power, and this hand cranked machine will allow the villagers to multiply their productivity.


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