It’s a Dirty Job

But someone has to do it. Recently, I posted a series of videos on YouTube on the Singer 192K. One of the videos in that series shows the cleaning process I go through when performing a full clean, lube, adjust service. It is a filthy process, but the end result is the inside of the machine looks absolutely beautiful. Aside from looks, getting rid of that old oil (which turns to varnish) not only makes the machine look great, it will run better for longer too. The action of the needle and the feed dogs naturally produce a lot of lint, which ends up inside your machine. By getting rid of the crud, it’s easier for you, the owner and user, to perform 1st echelon maintenance, thus reducing the number of trips your machine takes to the shop. We are always willing to spend time with the owners of the machines we service to explain all of the user maintenance procedures that they can do which will make their machines run consistently and reliably.

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