A Singer 66-1 Comes Alive

Here are a few pictures of a Singer 66-1 from 1917 I recently finished for a customer in Atlanta, GA. When she arrived, her mechanism was a sticky mess of old oil turned to varnish. Even her exterior bright work was covered in years of sticky old oil. Her mechanism was so gummed up, it was almost impossible to turn the balance wheel!

She arrived on a Tuesday, and by Sunday night she was stitching and looking great! She lives in a treadle cabinet when she’s home, but here, she went into a base and I attached a motor for her test stitching.

In addition to her clean, polish, adjust, and lubrication level service, I converted her from a back clamping presser foot to a side clamping so her owner can use commonly available low shank accessories. Also, she was made prior to Singer using a needle bar clamp with timing marks and an integrated timing gauge. I swapped out the needle bar clamp with one from a Singer 201 and added the gauge so as to make future adjustments much easier for her next major service, in another 104 years from now!

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