I love It!

That’s what Camille, a repair customer of mine, said to me today when I asked her how she liked her “new to her” Singer 99 that I set her up with a couple of months ago.

Camille first contacted me to repair a family heirloom, a 1970’s Kenmore zigzag machine that had been languishing in a corner of her sewing room. It’s probably a stretch to call it a true heirloom, but I’ll use that term in its truest sense as it had been handed down by a family member and she really wanted to keep it running. The repairs were really quite simple, clean out an inordinate amount of packed in fluff, clean the thread path, replace the belt and bobbin tire, remove old, dried out grease and oil, and re-lubricate the appropriate points. No broken parts were found, so it was very straightforward.

When I returned the machine after servicing, we spoke about our various sewing interests. She told me that she’d been taking quilting classes, which was one reason she was interested in getting the Kenmore working, as that it’s far more portable than her “big” machine. She asked me about the older Singers, and soon the conversation turned to Featherweights, 99’s, and 128’s. Camille expressed a genuine interest in the vintage Singers, so I knew it was only a matter of time before a classic would be in her sewing room. Prices on Featherweights (at least in our area) are absolutely stupid high, and when I extolled the virtues of the humble 99, its slightly higher weight, larger arm depth, and drop in bobbin, she was intrigued, to say the least!

Within a few weeks, I found what I believed would be the perfect machine for Camille, a beautiful, mid 1950’s 99 with back tack! The machine was in a less than usable case, but I had an awesome bentwood case that was the perfect fit- It offered great protection and portability, and has that Woohoo! classic Singer look. We struck a deal and soon the little 99 was all hers.

Fast forward to today…

Camille sent me an email, just to touch base, letting me know how pleased she was with the machine, and attached some pictures of projects she had made with “Millie” as her 99 is now known (named for her great grandmother). Coincidentally, I had been thinking about Camille as I had just found a box of presser feet and other attachments that I thought might be useful to her. A quick phone call and I was on my way over to drop off the goodie box.

I chatted with her and her husband for about 45 minutes when I dropped off the box of attachments. She told me how much she absolutely loves that little 99. Camille gave me permission to use the pictures she sent me, so here they are, her first three projects sewn on Millie.

It’s days like this that really make me love what I do. I wouldn’t trade it for the world…

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  1. Pat

    What a great story! It’s the wonderful stories behind these rescued and refurbished machines that make it so much fun not only for you but the reader! Thanks Bob!

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