My Favorite Coffee Just Got Better

I have a tag line at the end of every one of my YouTube videos that says
“Get a coffee mug! The world is so much better with coffee…”
Well, I’m here to say that’s a true statement, the world IS a better place with coffee.
I’ve been drinking coffee regularly since 1973, which is a long time. I’ve never attempted to calculate how much I’ve consumed over the years, and that’s not even important. What IS important is that now, at almost 63 years of age, I found out how to make a BETTER cup of coffee using the same coffee and brewing and filter system that I’ve used for years.

I owe it to the internet.

Well, not the internet per se, one specific website, the site of my favorite coffee brand, Chock Full o’Nuts. On their sub page “Coffee Basics”, they mention a technique I wish I had known before, “Getting Fancy: Give the grounds 60 seconds to bloom before you brew”.

WTH? Why didn’t I know THAT before? They don’t explain the science behind it, they just say that it has something to do with releasing carbon dioxide, and that it works.

Well, Hell Yeah it works!

I’m a single cup, Melita pour-over kinda guy. My wife is a tea drinker (though she will have a Caramel Macchiato out of a K-Cup every once in a while) and I’m not one to allow coffee to sit in a carafe on a warming plate of a drip maker, so an electric kettle and a Melita pour-over filter holder makes perfect sense in our house. This is really the perfect setup for the technique they describe: Pour some very hot water on your grounds, let it sit for a minute, then pour the rest of the brew. OMG, it works. My favorite coffee is suddenly even better.

I feel like I died and went to heaven.

Thanks Chock Full o’Nuts.

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