Sewing Machine Repair and Maintenance Fixture

I recently posted a series of videos on my YouTube channel showing a fixture I designed to help when working on the bottom of sewing machines. I promised that I would put a measured drawing of the fixture up on my website when I had a usable one available. Well, not pretty, but here it is! Feel free to download the image, print it out, and make one for yourself. The image is sized for legal (8 1/2″ X 14″) paper. Stay tuned for a drawing of my adjustable support, though I’m still working on making that better.


1 thought on “Sewing Machine Repair and Maintenance Fixture

  1. Linda Anderson

    Oh I can’t wait to make one of these!! This is GENIUS!!! (Only recently discovered your videos and have been devouring them! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!)

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